Best in class

To be the best you to have work hard.

You have to look at all those in your class and decide you will be better than them.

You have to learn what all of your competitors are doing and then find a way to be better (and not just better than some of them; all of them).

You have to reach the highest performance standard set by industry and often times exceed it.

In order to be the best in your class, you have to be better than everyone else in that class.

Or you need to create a class, and then be your best.

Customer service at its best

Ordered a pizza and after making a special request for half cheese to accommodate everyone’s tastes who would be eating the pizza, ended up an hour later with more cheese than I knew what to do with.

A quick ride back to the pizza shop with the expectation of an argument about the amount of cheese and what we were going to do about it turned me into another satisfied customer. There was no argument, no delay, just a quick apology, a quick fix, and an offer to keep the original pizza plus a new pizza.

There is a reason some small businesses flourish while others fail. A terrific product and taking care of their customers is a wonderful business plan. No attempt at mass production, no attempt at being in the right – just a quality pizza and a happy customer.

It may have taken 90 minutes from the time I placed the order to when I sat down to eat, but the only thing I am thinking about is how easy it was to get the pizza I originally wanted – plus the refund they gave me for the delivery charge.


You’re a go-getter, a high potential.

You climb, and you climb fast.

Heck, you can do your new job and the job you were just promoted from.

Manager, sure you can do that.

These people are good but you did it better.

Don’t forget though, getting a new job means leaving the old one.

You trust the work of others.

The better they do, the better you do.

Your potential was high.

So high in fact, you can only reach it with the help of others.

You are a go-getter.

You are Super Boss.

Changing your internet

You don’t have to read about Kim Kardashian’s latest social adventures. Nor do you have to read about how the elimination of plastic bags could drastically change the world oil consumption. But if you do decide to read on these topics it’s ok. And if you decide not to read up on these topics that’s ok too.

You have choice on the web and that is more than ok; as long as you recognize that it is a choice and use that choice to help shape what gets published. Marketers will write what gets read, by reading about topics you want to know about and not just what pops up on the side bar of your chosen social media site you can shape the internet (or at the very least let your spying social media site learn what you like and change what they show you in your side bar!).

My gut (and Warren Buffett) says go with the numbers

Many of us want something to base important decisions on; gut feelings are rarely good enough. A recent article on the website (How Warren Buffett Stays Young), said that when Warren Buffett was asked to explain his high-sugar, high-salt diet that includes chips and ice cream for breakfast and 5 cans of coke a day he replied, “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old”.

Next time you are looking for support for a decision you are about to make remember that statistics may not lie but how they are applied may not tell the whole truth.